Our Core Team

Letlhogonolo Shoai – Director/Owner

Letlhogonolo specialises in Financial Modelling and Forecasting, Multi-year Tariff and Price Determination Modelling. These are skills he also leverages to provide practical and bankable business solutions that add value to the management of departments, entities and the agencies in the public sector. He brings with him over 13 years of experience in public sector consulting, including local municipalities, metros and municipal owned entities. Added to this is a keen interest in sustainable development of bankable solutions and a sharp, problem-solving attitude.

Sava Michaelides – Director

Sava has over 16 years experience as a public sector consultant. During this period he has worked closely with the Regulatory Committee for Meteorological Services (RCMS), identifying challenges facing SAWS with regard cost recovery structures and helping to affect change within SAWS Standard Operational Procedures (ABC and NERA Consulting), as well as helping to standardise the annual review process. Sava helped the RCMS formalise the costing mechanism to Eurocontrol (UK) specifications and tailoring the structure for use in South Africa. Tariff and Price Determination Modelling as well as Project Management skills have been honed to offer the best possible service to the Public Sector.

Sava also developed a digital Regulatory Monitoring system for Service Delivery in the City of Johannesburg, which was a first for South Africa.